Tuesday, 15 April 2014

"Sparkly Nails" Nail Mail ;; Nail Foils & Fluffy Flock ~

It's nail timeee! ~
Since my nails have been quite difficult with me lately, it has been a while since I've had time to do my nails. So I thought it was finally about time! Unfortunately, my nails have been breaking a lot, which makes it hard to do much nailart. But there's always something positive of the negative; so this was finally the opportunity to try out some nail foil. I've been looking for this exact nail foil for some time now, and I thought it was about time to spoil myself a lilttle bit. This is my first purchase with "Sparkly Nails" and I am nothing but satisfied. I decided to buy two nail foils with an adhesive, of course. And then Sparkly Nails had a sale, so I found something called "Fluffy Flock" which reminded me of the nail trend 'velvet'. I have not tried out the velvet trend myself, but I will definitely show you how it turns out, when I try it. I bought it in a beautiful burgundy/ black cherry colour; think it is going to look great. But here's my little nail mail; I am surely going to show you how it all turns out!

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xx ~

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Tanya Burr Nail Polishes ;; "Peaches & Cream", "Mini Marshmallows" & "Bright & Early" ~

Tanya Burr Nail Polishes? 
Yes please! I love YouTube & surely I am also one of them to love the YouTubers with vlogs, blogs, reviews, tutorials, hauls and everything in between. I mainly keep up with the British YouTube "crew" of Tanya Burr, Zoella, Thatcher Joe, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Alfie etc. So when Tanya Burr launched her nail polish and lip gloss collection, I was sure to get my hands on the nail polishes! (Not a big fan of lip gloss, but I might buy some when I go to London). I went all girly and bought two pink polishes and one more nude-ish. I bought "Peaches & Cream", "Mini Marshmallows" & "Bright & Early". Peaches & Cream is a light beige/ nude colour which I love for a more settled look or perfect as a base for some creative nail art. "Mini Marshmallows" is basically the same as "Peaches and Cream"; just as a light pink. It is lovely for summer and a discreet pink-ish colour. The last colour (for now at least) is "Bright and Early". It is the complete opposite of the other two; as is it a bright pink colour. It is not completely a hot pink, as it has a bit of orange tone in it. And even though it is very different; I think it is my current favorite. I love that the bright colour and it might help the though of summer and it is perfect for a completely boring outfit; to spice it up a bit. I'll get some swatches up soon and I might even have a little bit of nail art in mind with theses pretty nail polishes. 

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Finding My Way Back ~

It's time for me to find my way back ~ 
Lately my blog was been all about concerts which I don't mind - but as well it was been late postings and basically just been a bit of a load for me. I'll admit- before London, everything was a bit stressing with a lot of concerts, catching up, packing, work and of course some time with my family. Now that I've come home, I've been extremely tired -can't blame jetlag; one hour more or less. But now, I've decided to be more dedicated about this blog and the whole blogger-community. I'm more positive about everything and I'm determined to share my thoughts and opinions on all different -though, probably beauty- products and subjects. I basically wanted to use this post as a little apology for the late posts and those that never happened. I'm ready to get back on track - and surely the great weather here in Denmark is only going to keep me going and hopefully motivate me a little bit to take some great pictures with just kind of a decent lighting. 

So truly thank you for reading my blog 

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Friday, 28 March 2014

So Let Us Live Our Lives Without A Doubt | All Time Low @ O2 Academy Brixton ~

When in London the same time as All Time Low ~

It's probably not a coincidence in my case. My friend and I went to London and planned it out to be in the weekend All Time Low should play in the O2 Academy in Brixton. So, after a few days in London with sightseeing and (a lot of) shopping, it was time to find the O2 Academy Brixton. By underground and following the signs and the crowd, we found it. There was quite a queue, especially compared to the Danish one. But even though, an hour went by and they opened the doors. Not that I could actually see that happen, as we were long back. But we moved slowly and even got to see Adam Elmakias -photographer- outside of the venue. When we got inside, it was a little bit chaotic, as we didn't know where to go. But I mean, balcony- there's only one way; up! We took some seats all way in the back and thought we were going to see the whole stage. That was unfortunately not the case. When everyone stood up, I definitely got the disadvantages of my height. As I didn't know the support bands, I didn't do more out of the view. I was actually a bit sad, I mean; was I going through a 24 songs long setlist without seeing anything? Anyhow, the lights went out and All Time Low came on stage. At first, I couldn't see a thing- but with one step out on the stairs, I could see eveything! Even though I was at the show in Denmark, this was something completely different. The crowd was more than tripled, the scene decorations and lights was definitely showing off a larger stage and the atmosphere was amazing. Even my friend, who isn't a All Time Low fan, but just the bestiest friend, could feel a big difference. But to sum up a bit; such a fantastic concert! I am so happy my friend and I planned it out to be that weekend and that she wanted to come along with me. Can't wait for next time I'm going to see All Time Low! And May Barakat was in the crowd that night - Jack thanked his sister for coming to see them play in London; what a cutie! 


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TOUR: - "A Love Like War"

SETLIST: Do You Want Me (Dead?), So Long Soldier, The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver, Stella, For Baltimore, Break Your Little Heart, Lost in Stereo, Six Feet Under The Stars, Vegas, Guts, Weightless, Remembering Sunday, Therapy, Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't), Teenage Dirtbag, Somewhere in Neverland, Time-Bomb, Backseat Serenade, Oh, Calamity!, The Reckless and The Brave, A Love Like War & Dear Maria Count Me In (w/ Only Rivals & Tonight Alive).